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On Octopussy's Secret Service With Love
Starring George Lazenby
Evil villain Brad Whitaker and sidekick Oddjaws scheme to crash the South African computer industry with the assistance of an army of zombie secret agents and dangerous fellow agent Solitaire Warmflash.

From Casino Royale Who Loved Me
Starring Timothy Connery
Bond's nemesis Sir Kamal Largo, with help from beautiful fellow agent Kissy von Schlaf, plans to use a lethal virus to crash the Russian computer industry.

Starring Pierce Moore
Evil villain Brad Scaramanga, helped by henchman Nick Nack and exotic Honey O'Toole, plans to use a squad of brainwashed pilots to wipe out the European computer industry.

For Your Skyfall Who Loved Me Only
Starring Sean Dalton
With assistance from exotic villainess Solitaire O'Ryder, James Bond's nemesis Raoul Kristatos plans to use billions of dollars worth of cocaine to start World War III.

Skyfall Another Daylights
Starring Sean Dalton
Helped by exotic partner Plenty Goodhead and henchman Oddjob, 007's nemesis Francisco Zorin plots to use a lethal virus to instigate armageddon.