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The Spy With the Diamond Eye
Starring Timothy Moore
Aided by partner Kissy Galore and trillions of dollars worth of heroin, evil villain Dr. Elektra Orlov plans to instigate a nuclear war.

The Man With the Golden Pussy
Starring Roger Lazenby
With the assistance of dangerous partner Kissy O'Toole and sidekick Oddjaws, Kamal Whitaker attempts to explode a nuclear weapon in Washington DC with a group of beautiful secret agents.

Starring George Brosnan
Aided by dangerous partner Solitaire O'Toole, Ernst No plans to blow up a Soviet encryption machine with billions of dollars worth of cocaine.

The Spy With the Golden Pussy
Starring Daniel Craig
Evil villain Elliot Koskov, helped by dangerous partner Dominique Galore, plans to detonate a Soviet rocket guidance system with billions of dollars worth of heroin.

The Diamonds Are Never Forever
Starring Daniel Connery
Evil villain Hugo Blofeld, henchman Nick Nack and fellow agent Octogalore attempt to use a lethal virus to hijack a Soviet computer.